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The Larger The Further: The 5 Key Reasons Behind Big Businesses Moving To The Suburbs

Posted by Susanne Loxton


Even though businesses have historically made their headquarters in major cities around the globe, there has been a current trend of relocating their headquarters to suburbs rather than big cities.

In fact, the larger the company, the more likely that they will move further from the city center.

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The Tide is Turning: Why Millennials Might Start Becoming Homeowners

Posted by Sam Brannan

rental market

Buying a home can be daunting for young, new employees looking to relocate. Many Millennials have had to shell out a lot of their own money for education, bills, rent, and the idea of adding a down payment on top seems overwhelming.

However, as they begin to move forward in the workforce, working themselves out of debt and settling into their cities, we just might find them making the shift from renting to owning.  

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Why Expectations for Lump Sum Disbursement Have Changed

Posted by Lauren Decker

Over the last 10 years, technology has reinvented the relocation industry. The internet not only equips employees with more information than ever, but smartphones have made it possible to access and act on that information anytime from almost anywhere.

This world of transparency and convenience has resulted in a new age of relocation - where employees expect benefits that are going to be easy to access and even easier to use.

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