[Infographic] Statistics That Prove Your Internship Program is Worth It

Posted by Aria Solar on Oct 18, 2016 11:28:04 AM

internship statistics

Internships have gained an incredible amount of momentum in the past few years.

Programs that once consisted of a few interns helping their appointed manager with work overflow, have now grown into fully built-out and clearly defined programs that have the power to elevate a company to new levels. 

However, that said, these programs take some work to manage. We're going to let you in on some of the secrets in our infographic below.


statistics about internships and millennials

Design: Venngage

Learn even more about how to implement processes that enable you and your team to successfully execute an internship program by clicking below!


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[Infographic] How the Convergence of Relocation & Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Posted by Aria Solar on Jun 18, 2015 9:36:30 AM

relocation technology

You know the spiel.

Relocation and technology, two of the most fast-paced and important sectors of our economy, have a little bit of work to do on their relationship.

A wall has been built between the two industries, limiting (or, eliminating entirely) the visibility each has into what the other is doing. 

However, the two are incredibly useful to one another, and consumers are voicing a need for the solutions that both are providing.

We've talked about this in a variety of ways:

An eBook. A webinar. Blogs. Our upcoming twitter chat

But sometimes, it's best just to let the numbers do the talking.


Hungry for more? Who isn't!? Check out more resources below:

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[Infographic] Millennial Statistics That Will Help Your Company Immediately

Posted by Aria Solar on Apr 16, 2015 10:58:00 AM

millennial statistics

Managing Millennials is becoming an increasingly important skill the more time passes—and people know it. Employers are starting to bring their attention towards Millennials to the forefront of their businesses, no longer treating it as just an afterthought.

Companies are learning not only about how to manage Millennials, but about how to attract them, how to retain them, and how to squeeze the most productivity out of them. 

What's important to them? 

Is it culture? Is it salary? Is it social involvement? Is it benefits? Is it technology?

There is a lot that goes into understanding what this generation wants, and it's important for us to figure out what makes them tick. There are behavioral patterns that employers can start to track, and then use that insight as they hire more and more Millennials.  

Here are a few of the statistics we found to be the most significant in regards to managing Millennials in the workplace: 


statistics behind millennials

We gave you the statistics. But now, you need to know what to do with them. Download our eBook to learn strategies and trends behind managing Millennials:

understanding Millennials

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