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Innovations in Healthcare Recruiting & Relocation

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Hands down, healthcare recruiting is one of the toughest jobs around. Competition is fierce. Candidates want it all. No wonder so many healthcare organizations are hungry for innovative solutions that improve hiring outcomes.

As a result, UrbanBound co-founders Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman recently appeared on an episode of Michael Stamatinos' "The Advancing Healthcare Innovation Show" which is devoted to this important subject. As usual, they had a lot to say—which we’ve recapped here as three “ah-ha” eye-openers that every healthcare recruiter will want to know.


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In this webcast, we talk healthcare recruiting and how to stand out from the competition.

  • Doing Things the “Old Way” Isn’t Working 
  • True Relocation Benefits Give Recruiters a Great Story to Tell
  • Healthcare Employers Waste Millions on Relocation—Needlessly
  • Take Care of the People Who Take Care of Your Patients


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