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Decoding the Language of Lump Sum

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With just a sum of money and no other guidance, your employees have no benchmark or timeline for how their relocation should be moving along. This leads to overwhelmed HR and Mobility departments, stressed out transferees, and a lot of money lost on both ends of the spectrum.

Lump sum policies are becoming a more guided relocation option. This new and improved version of lump sum now takes a variety of different forms with each company altering it slightly to fit their own needs. 

Managed lump sum, allowance plans, core/flex, cafeteria style—it can be confusing to hear all of these different types of policies tossed around, so we are going to dive into each one and break down what they entail. 

The different policy types we'll cover are:

  • Flexible Allowance Plan
  • Capped Allowance Plan
  • Lump Sum with Relocation Management Software
  • Core/Flex


By downloading this eBook you can break down the differences in lump sum relocation policies and learn more about the areas of your policies you would like to enhance.

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