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Is Relocation a Hiring Barrier?

Why Candidates Are Turning Down Your Offer



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The truth is, relocation can absolutely be a hiring barrier. Candidates may turn down your offer for many reasons, and having to move to a new, unfamiliar location can be a big one.


But it doesn't have to be!


By understanding your candidate personas, and their unique needs, you can craft the perfect offer (and relocation package) that will have them saying yes in no time!

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  • Understand two different candidate personas and how their needs are different
  • Factors to consider when creating a relocation package as part of your candidate offer
  • Common reasons candidates may turn down your offer
  • How to use candidate personas to increase offer acceptance

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Increase Candidate Conversion

Learn how to build relocation policies that convert top talent by understanding and addressing their unique needs.


Advice From the Experts

Learn about typical relocation benefits and how to build your relo policy based on position, location, and other factors.


Employee Relocation Tips

Get the inside scoop on employee relocation best practices, challenges, and how to use it to convert candidates.

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