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How to Build an Employee Relocation Program


Employee relocation is essential to making sure you have the right people in the right place. A well rounded relocation package can incentivize top employees and candidates to move to a new city, and also help retain them.   

Relocating employees without a plan runs the risk of making reactive (and expensive) decisions about employee relocation. 

Not sure where to start? That’s ok, we help employers map out their relocation programs every day, and we’ve got some great tips to share!

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  • Where to Start
  • How Much You Should Spend
  • What's Included in a Typical Relo Package
  • How to Manage Your Employee Relocation Program
  • Where Lump Sum Fits In

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Employee Relocation Tips

Get the inside scoop on employee relocation best practices, challenges, and how to use it to convert candidates.


Advice From the Experts

Learn about typical relocation benefits and how to build your relo policy based on position, location, and other factors.


Improve Employee Experience

Learn how to build relocation policies that retain top talent by understanding and addressing their unique needs.

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