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Signing Bonus vs Traditional Relocation Package

What the heck is the difference???

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HR, Recruiting and Mobility professionals have a tough job. When you add relocating existing employees or new hires there's even more to worry about. 

Do you offer a lump sum/signing bonus to keep it simple and let transferees figure out the details on their own? Or provide a full service relocation package that can be costly and hard to manage?

There are pros and cons to each, and we break it all down in this easy to read eBook, along with tips for getting the best of both worlds.  

What's Inside

  • The Pros and Cons of Signing Bonus vs Relo Package
  • How to Get the Best of Both Worlds
  • How to Choose the Right Package
  • Tops Tips for Managing Policies

This Guide Will Help You

Increase Candidate Conversion

Use relocation as a benefit to attract and retain top talent and get them excited about their new location.


Reduce Admin Burden

Cut admin time, streamline employee time management, improve speed-to-hire and minimize inefficiencies.

Cut Relocation Costs

Lower your relocation costs by simplifying processes, while still providing a better relocation experience.

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