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The Truth About Intern Relocation

Need help with your intern relocation policies?

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Relocating interns is a process many companies struggle to manage. While many employers want to implement structured and thought-through programs, it's hard to know how to do it in a time and cost-effective way. 

We've got the inside scoop! 

We're going to walk you through steps to define your relocation process for interns, and give you actionable ways to improve your program.

This eBook will show you how to:

  • Write a clear and direct internship relocation policy
  • Provide support for short-term housing
  • Give interns the information they want
  • Work with the unique timeline of internships
  • Communicate in a way that works for interns

This Guide Will Help You

Manage Intern Relocation

Get the inside scoop on employee relocation terms, best practices, challenges, and how to measure success.


Improve Intern Experience

Provide interns with the information and support they need to relocate easily and with less stress.


Reduce Admin Burden

Reduce time spent planning and managing in-person internships - from housing to stipends!

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