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Managing Mobility During COVID-19

UrbanBound’s Relocation Guide for Employees & Their Employers in the Wake of Coronavirus

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Many corporations depend heavily on employee relocations to achieve their strategic goals. The COVID-19 pandemic—with its global shutdowns, lockdowns and social distancing requirements—has altered the relocation landscape, creating unprecedented challenges for employers and employees alike. 

However, many relocations continue to move forward successfully. At UrbanBound, we’re drawing on our industry knowledge, connections, and trusted partnerships to help our customers navigate the challenging, fast-changing relocation process as smoothly as possible.  

This guide is intended to help relocating employees prepare for unexpected hurdles and holdups—and to provide employers with the understanding they need to make more informed decisions during this difficult time.

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*Please note: Some of this information may have changed since publishing in 2020, we advise you to always check with your partners, suppliers and local authorities to confirm details.

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