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Engaging Internal Transferees throughout the Relocation Process


Watch the Webinar

Budgeting for your corporate relocation program isn’t easy—and costs can climb quickly!

Each employee relocation has unique variables, making it tricky to forecast and manage costs.

So, what does a competitive relocation package look like—and what should your relocation program budget be? Most of all, how do you maximize every dollar, so employees get a great experience without breaking the bank?  

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to set your budget where it should be (and make the most of it) while making your employees happy!

See What’s Inside

When it comes to relocation, many companies struggle with these issues. At UrbanBound, we’ve seen it all—and we’re here to help. Watch this informational webinar, and in just 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to re-examine your relocation budget
  • The variables and hidden costs to consider when setting a budget
  • 5 ways to do more with less by retooling parts of your relocation program
  • Real-life examples of competitive, cost-effective employee relocation packages  


This webinar will guide you through creating the best relocation experience for transferees by focusing on:

  • How to best integrate into a new team culture
  • Helpful tools for relocating employees
  • The importance of internal active employee support
  • Debunking traditional stigmas of internal transferee relocation
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