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Running a Successful Internship Program in a Post Pandemic World


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Does Your Internship Program Look Different Post Pandemic?

You're Not Alone.
Our world has been rocked - now's the time to pivot. And pivot in a BIG way.
Internship programs are more important than ever. Growing top talent, fostering employee loyalty and positioning employee experiences will make or break an organization’s chances of attracting and growing the talent they need to compete.
Your tried and true processes may need a makeover to adhere to new safety guidelines, evolving business trends and new social climates.
We recently hosted a fun webinar to address managing an internship in a post-pandemic world with helpful tips and input from your peers. Watch the recording to help shift your post pandemic internship program.

Here’s what you'll learn:

  • Actionable Tips for Onboarding Interns
  • Strategies for Managing Intern Stress
  • Making the Most of Remote Internship Programs
  • Opportunities to Pivot In-Person Programs for Safety and Success
  • How to Ensure Continued Engagement After the Internship is Over
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