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5 Changes To Make To Your Internship Relocation Policies

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Relocating interns is a process that keeps many of us up at night. We work to find solutions in the months approaching an internship rotation, many times duct taping processes together, and then end up tabling the issues until next season when this process starts all over again.

We're going to give you some insight into how you can stop this cycle. 

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What You'll Find in this Webinar

Having a strong internship program is important, and often times it starts with the relocation. We're going to walk you through steps to fix your relocation process for interns, giving you actionable ways to improve your program.

Watch our webinar hosted by Erin Wasson and Lauren Decker, to uncover exactly how you can improve your internship relocation process, paving the way for a much smoother year.

The webinar will discuss:

  • How to write a clear and direct internship relocation policy
  • Advice on approaching short-term housing
  • The type of information you should be providing
  • How to properly address the fact that interns relocate twice
  • Communication tactics that work for interns (not necessarily for you)
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