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Strategies for Communicating with Millennials

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Trouble communicating with the younger members of the workforce? Our webinar will walk you through four strategies to fix that.

The Millennial way of communication is something we've been trying to get a grasp on for years. We've gone from rejecting their habits, to trying to understand their habits, to finally accepting them and even integrating them into the workplace. 

The problem is, there's still a bit of a disconnect—one which stems from our inability to fully understand what exactly has made Millennials the way that they are. 

We're going to fix that. 

Watch our webinar with Erin Wasson and Susan Kifus to dive into key topics that will give you a different perspective on Millennials then you've ever had before.

We'll dive into topics like: 

  • Historical Context for Why Millennials Communicate the Way They Do
  • The Best Methods of Communication for Millennials
  • How to Segment Conversation and Communication
  • What This Means for Millennial Relocations


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