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Decoding the Language of Lump Sum

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Wondering How Core/Flex Affects Lump Sum Relocation Policies?

We'll help you figure it out.

Core/flex is changing the way companies handle their lump sum relocation policies, but it isn't the only option - managed lump sum, allowance plans, cafeteria style - it can be confusing to hear all of the different types of plans tossed around.

We're going to clear up the confusion and dive into each one, discussing what each policy entails, pros/cons of each, and how they can change with the future of core/flex relocation policies.

Watch our webinar, led by industry experts Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman to help you understand the many different lump sum relocation policies such as:

  • Flexible Allowance
  • Capped Allowance
  • Lump Sum with RMS
  • Core/Flex


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