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Maximize Your Employee Relocation Dollars - Like a BOSS

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It’s that time of the year again - Budget planning for the new year. What did you spend on relocations last year? Were you on track? What will you need to plan for in the upcoming year? 

While you have to answer the simple questions above, diving further and taking a strategic approach will ensure you’re set up for success. 


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In this webinar, we talk budgets and employee relocation dollars.

You'll Get Insight Into:

  • How to analyze relocation spend. What’s most important? What expenses and fees does your company incur to move an employee? Are they necessary?
  • Best practices for contingency plans. Are you prepared to handle exception requests? Is there room for negotiation? Planning for these exceptions is crucial to staying on course.
  • Strategies to adjust spending objectives based on location conditions and/or market trends. Will a hot real estate market require additional housing considerations? Travel and supplier restrictions impact your bottom line?
  • How to position your relocation program to align with your company culture. Your relocation program is the first task an employee completes as an actual “employee” of your company - it will set the tone for the rest of their employment.
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