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The smart software solution for managing employee relocation benefits.

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Managing every aspect of your company's relocation in each department

UrbanBound is the most comprehensive piece of HR technology that brings together mobility, finance, and suppliers, enabling companies to provide relocation benefits and resources to all levels of employee.

Forever changing the way companies relocate talent

“UrbanBound helped us solve our relocation challenges by becoming an extension of the MicroStrategy team. We’re able to do so much more work and provide a better experience to our employees, while really minimizing the hassle and administrative burden on our team.”

Global Mobility and Immigration Manager

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"Before UrbanBound, DPR was managing all relocations on a case-by-case basis, causing inconsistency and frustration for everyone. Now, we're able to streamline and centralize our relocation program—giving our (HR) team time back in our day and improving the experience our relocating employees receive!"

Human Resources

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"UrbanBound has taken the burden of relocation administration off our shoulders. Since the partnership with UrbanBound, time spent administering relocations has been reduced by 90%.”

VP Talent Management & Acquisition

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Solutions for relocation challenges begin with UrbanBound.


"UrbanBound made my family and my cross-country move manageable and stress-free. With their easy-to-use software, I could track all the components of my move from one central place. Plus, my Relocation Consultant was there every step of the way to answer any questions. I can't imagine what my move would have been like without them!”


Develop the right policy for the right employee at the right time.

From policy creation to managing exceptions, UrbanBound’s truly comprehensive and intuitive platform supports your company and your transferees through the entire relocation process.

From the moment you invite an employee to the app, you can rest easy knowing all teams are set up for success using our proven process.

Through our software, corporations of every size and in every industry are empowered to forecast and contain relocation costs, build smarter policies, and distribute better benefits in a way that works for them.

In short, a successful relocation begins and ends with UrbanBound.

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