Who We Are & What We Do

UrbanBound is a Chicago-based tech company. We provide our customers with
industry-defining relocation management solutions.


Policy benefits management


Tech-first approach to relocation


Robust platform for employers and employees


Company and co-worker insights


Streamlined reimbursement solutions


Vetted local and national suppliers

… and pretty much anything else that cuts costs and makes your life easier when relocating your people. All from a single, easy-to-use platform.


Our Mission

Interviewing and relocating for a job is nerve-wracking in the best of circumstances. What’s worse, employees and candidates often don’t get the support they need.

We know you want to help but are hindered by outdated systems. And then there’s the constant pressure to do more with less.

This is where we come in. Our mission is to turn attracting, retaining, and relocating employees from a real pain into a process that’s easy, simple, and — dare we say it? — enjoyable.

Oh, and we want to help you save money, too. Up to 66% per move, to be exact.


Our Vision

We refuse to be limited by what’s possible in the present. We have a bold vision for the future of our industry. From day one, we’ve been developing tech-forward solutions that provide a fresh take on traditional relocation management — and redefining what’s “possible.”


Our Roots: Two Driven Guys, One Big Dream

UrbanBound was founded in 2011 by Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman. Before that, they’d started a recruiting firm and a real estate company together — and suffered the pains of relocation firsthand, both on the employer and the employee side.

Michael and Jeff are also the brains behind Hireology, a highly effective hiring and talent management software solution. From Hireology, they discovered just how impactful technology can be to solve some of HR’s biggest headaches.

At the time, the relocation management industry had been stagnant for over 50 years. That is, until we came along.


Our Future: To Revolutionize Relocation Experiences

UrbanBound was the first relocation management software to revolutionize the way people move for work.

We leveraged innovation, tech-forward solutions, and our in-depth understanding of your needs to transform the industry.

Our plan is to keep doing more of that. A lot more.

businessman hand working with modern technology and digital layer effect as business strategy concept

Meet the Team

Michael Krasman

Co-Founder and CEO

Michael is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience building high growth companies. Prior to co-founding UrbanBound, Michael co-founded Hireology, where he currently holds an active board director seat. Michael also co-founded Homescout Realty, Humatal, and What inspired Michael to start each of these companies was the opportunity to disrupt an industry by leveraging software to drive massive efficiency gains while significantly improving the overall customer experience. Michael graduated from the University of Michigan with a BBA and currently lives in Chicago.

Jeff Ellman


Jeff has dedicated his career to helping people through life’s transitions. He's the Co-founder of Urbanbound and Hireology, a technology platform that gives companies a structured hiring process. Jeff also co-founded Homescout, a residential real estate company that has since been sold to Coldwell Banker. In addition to the companies he's co-founded, Jeff serves as a board member, advisor, and mentor to various companies and organizations.

Joshua Smallwood


Josh believes that the best products are built with highly collaborative product and engineering teams working closely with the business. As CTO, he oversees the product, engineering, and security teams, whose ultimate goal is to deliver an end-to-end relocation through technology.

He holds a BS in Computer Science and Technology with concentrations in Software Engineering and Networking from Radford University in Virginia. Since graduating, Josh moved to Chicago and has spent the past 15+ years working in various roles within small startups to large corporations.

Josh has a passion for all things technology and product but has recently found a hobby in baking to occupy his time away from the computer.

Cassie Hernandez

Director of Finance

Cassie's a lover of puzzles and clear-cut solutions. As the Director of Finance at UrbanBound, she's involved daily with planning, directing and overseeing the financial activities and forecasts for future business growth. Cassie's also a licensed CPA.

Prior to UrbanBound, she worked in various accounting positions where she developed a strong finance skill-set including experience in implementing new accounting systems, M&A and strategic planning. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Winona State University in Minnesota with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Spanish.

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227 W. Monroe St., Ste 2100
Chicago, IL 60606

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