What is a VIP move?


Move Stress Free

Our team of mobility experts help ensure that your most important people can move stress-free while providing you with guidance on program design, custom reporting, policy recommendations, benchmarking, change management, and more! 

Transform supplier management

VIP Supplier Access

Suppliers that service VIP/VIP+ employees are top-rated suppliers who ensure smooth service delivery and quality experience by also including executive-level oversight for each VIP service. 


A Hands Free Option

Your VIP/VIP+ employees are busy people. Hands Free enables a relocating employee to give UB Platform access to a trusted individual, like a spouse or assistant, so they have the ability to log in and help with move planning and coordination. 

Provide Top Talent with Extra Support and a VIP Move Experience


Enhance Your VIP Experience


UrbanBound VIP+ is an add-on offering to our VIP experience that provides your staff with the ability to grant their Relocation Consultant (RC) Concierge Access, enabling their RC to book their move services & even submit expenses, so they can focus on their new role without the need to login to their relocation platform to manage their own move.

The Benefits of an Executive Sponsor

With VIP/VIP+ packages, your employees will receive access to an Executive Sponsor, which can be any member of the UB Leadership team. What does that mean? First-class service and support from the highest level of the UB team that can answer any questions with a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Executive Sponsor

The VIP/VIP+ Move

When a VIP move is initiated, the UrbanBound Platform proactively notifies the dedicated Relocation Consultant, account management team, and executive sponsor that a new VIP move is underway. UrbanBound will reach out to the employee at multiple touchpoints to ensure the move is going smoothly and employees are satisfied with options like nightly reimbursements and hands-free expense approval. A true white glove experience from start to finish.

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