Redefining Relocation for Employers and Employees

Relocating employees is demanding - especially when you’re in high-growth mode. With limited internal resources, it’s hard to manage increasing scale and complexity.

What if you could...

Streamline the relocation process
Deliver a great employee experience
Maximize your relocation budget
With UrbanBound you can - it’s what we do!

Cut Relocation Costs


Stop Overspending

No markups or added fees help lower your overall program costs.


See Your Spend In Real Time

Get total visibility into your entire relocation program to track spending and identify opportunities to save.


Get Advice From Experts

Our program & policy consultants work WITH you to review your program and make cost-saving recommendations.

Reduce Your Workload

Transform supplier management

Transform Supplier Management 

Our vetted partners provide flexibility and choice. No more chasing invoices and searching for suppliers - we’ve done the legwork for you.


Combine Tech With Traditional

Our integrated solution means a faster, more efficient way to handle policy execution, reduce exceptions and even disburse payments.

Offload time-consuming tasks

Offload Time-Consuming Tasks

Our relo team takes care of you AND your employees. From answering FAQs to sharing company & location-specific information, we take care of it so you don’t have to.

Analyze with ease

Analyze With Ease

Detailed reporting means you can automate time-consuming tasks like keeping track of relocation timelines and digging for data. Ditch the spreadsheets!


Give Top Talent a World-Class Experience

From new colleagues to a new commute, relocating employees have a lot of stress — learning a new city shouldn’t be one. Turn relocation into a competitive advantage by giving your top talent a positive kickstart in their new city.
Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

With 24/7 access to a centralized app, your employees can access their benefits, location insights, and detailed timeline for their move on their schedule.

Provide Valuable Intel

Provide Valuable Intel

Empower your employees with important information about your company, location, and insider tips to reduce fear of the unknown and help them settle in. 

Personalize their experience

Personalize Their Experience

A dedicated Relocation Consultant helps guide their move. From mapping out their relo plan to keeping it on track, employees don’t have to figure it out on their own.

Smart Employee Relocation Solutions
for Tech-Forward Companies

Provide an amazing relocation experience with less
overhead and at a lower cost.

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