Lump Sum Disbursement

Gain valuable insight into lump sum disbursement with real time tracking and reporting, streamlining the process for both you and your employees.

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Distribute Lump Sum Upfront Using UrbanBound’s Software

UrbanBound’s lump sum disbursement solution allows you to distribute lump sum ahead of start date, setting your employees up for a successful relocation. Through UrbanBound’s intuitive user experience, Administrators can disburse funds with the click of a button and easily track payment status within the software. 


What makes UrbanBound different?

Lump Sum Delivered Through Technology

Employees can quickly and securely confirm their lump sum amount, sign their repayment agreement, and provide bank account from right within the UrbanBound software—anytime, from any device

Visibility into Lump Sum Payment Status

Gain visibility into the status of the lump sum disbursements, including the steps your employee has taken to claim their funds, from within the UrbanBound employer portal

SAFE AND Secure Transfer of Funds 

UrbanBound securely collects bank information and transfers money using a PCI-certified solution, ensuring your employee’s data is safe throughout the entire process 


A New Lump Sum for a New Generation

UrbanBound delivers lump sum to your employees in a way they're comfortable with—through seamless and intuitive technology. Your employees expect the ability to access money online, and UrbanBound Lump Sum Disbursement accomplishes this easily without compromising security. From the moment you decide to disburse a lump sum, you can be certain our solution is best way to seamlessly transfer funds while ensuring a high touch solution through tech. 

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"Lump Sum Disbursement helped bring the financial component of relocation under one roof. Disbursing the funds is easy, and our employees have immediate access to their money using a process that's intuitive to them."



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