Stretching Lump Sum Dollars

We offer quick lump sum payouts, easy expense management, and UB Marketplace which gives prioritized access to top relocation suppliers with deep discounts and specialty programs offered exclusively to UB users. UB Marketplace was created for low-budget/no-budget moves to provide better connection and support, improving the ROI of your program.

Improve the Onboarding Experience

The UrbanBound Platform includes helpful move guides, hyperlocal content, and information about your organization and the facility where your nurses will be working at. Your staff can even get insight from their co-workers about neighborhoods, gyms, restaurants and more, giving them a soft onboarding before they begin. You can create an even more personalized experience with custom action items and content that can be woven into the relocation journey.


Free Real Estate & Mortgage Support

We provide access to top-quality, vetted real estate agents who specialize in corporate relocations. Our mortgage partners offer discounted mortgage rates with up to $3,500 in closing cost savings. Additionally, if a team member is purchasing a home, we provide a free one-year home warranty ($700 value). Even if an individual is renting, we have in-platform rental search capability, with support in many markets (depending on location). 

Improve Workforce Attraction & Retention

The UrbanBound Platform includes advanced demographics and information on cities and towns across the US. When your team has these insights they can make better decisions about the best place to live for their unique needs.

“Since implementing UrbanBound 7 years ago, we’ve seen a large cost savings in our relocations. Cost-savings is the #1 most important thing we can do - every dollar we save goes to helping a child beat cancer.”
“Working with UrbanBound has been wonderful. Appreciate the speedy responses to our questions and assisting our providers”
“It is seamless and the program is running very well. UB cares deeply and is responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
“UrbanBound is a great partner and is extremely helpful”

What's Typically Included in an UrbanBound Nursing Relocation Package

 - Access to the UrbanBound Platform
 - - Access to the UB Marketplace Suppliers, Many of Which Offer Dedicated Support Staff
 - Fast Lump Sum Payouts with Direct Deposit
 - Company & Location Pages
 - Insight from Co-Workers
 - Local City Content & Move Guides
 - Easy Expense Management
 - Opportunity for Custom Onboarding
 - Demographics to Help Choose Neighborhoods & Schools
 - Real Estate Support
 - Discounted Mortgage Programs
 - Free One Year Home Warranty
 - Supplier Discounts With Corporate Move Priority

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