Finding, hiring and relocating highly skilled healthcare professionals can consume a lot of your organization’s time, money and resources. With help from UrbanBound, you can impact all of these effortlessly, while reducing costs.

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Take Your Healthcare Recruiting to the Next Level

Increase Candidate Conversion

Impress top talent by promoting your healthcare relocation benefits (and location), along with best-in-class reimbursement.

Reduce Relocation Costs

Automate and streamline reimbursement and relocation to reduce costs and save precious time.

Stand Out from the Competition

Going the extra mile to offer a better candidate and relocation experience sets you apart from your competitors - and helps you retain employees.

Get Your People Excited to Move


Co-worker Insights

Nothing beats the advice of locals. Connect your employees with their soon-to-be co-workers for helpful tips and recommendations on things to do, life outside the office and what to expect from the new workplace.


Company & Office Pages

The more candidates and relocating employees know about their new workplace, the better. Provide them with company documents, FAQs, onboarding tasks, and more to help them learn the ropes at your company.


Cut Costs, Not Satisfaction

Deliver more to your employees for a fraction of what you pay now. Build scalable processes that improve efficiency and lower relocation costs by up to 66% per move.

Reduce Your Workload

Transform supplier management

Transform Supplier Management

Our vetted partners provide flexibility and choice. No more chasing invoices and searching for suppliers - we’ve done the legwork for you.


Share Information Easily

Give your candidates and employees a snapshot of important tasks and dates associated with their interview or relocation. Eliminate surprises and move the process along with ease.


Simplify Expense Reimbursement

Simplify expense submission for candidates and employees with less admin work. Reduce your time to disburse funds even before the employee is on payroll.


Meet Our Clients

From hospitals and physicians clinics to veterinary and dental groups, we work with healthcare organizations of all types.

Every Dollar You Save on Relocation is Money Back Into Patient Care.

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