Reclaim Your Team’s Time

Relocation and recruiting admin can feel like a never-ending battle. From tracking tasks to finding suppliers and sharing vital company intel, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You need administrative software: a seamless extension of your HR team that takes the burden off your shoulders.

Easy to implement
Reduce internal workload
Scalable solution

Leverage Our Team to Optimize Yours

Offload time-consuming tasks

Offload Time-consuming Tasks

Our personal relo consultants help keep each move on track, optimize relocation benefits, and handle employees’ questions, concerns, requests, and issues in real time—taking the burden off your HR team.

Transform supplier management

Transform Supplier Management

Researching and finding suppliers for each location and move is extremely time intensive! We take care of all of that for you with our trusted supplier network.


Save Time and Maximize Resources


Get Organized and Stay on Track

You have enough on your plate as it is. Cut back on admin and simplify your processes to manage more in less time. Our shared timeline helps you keep tasks and key dates on track, reducing stress and saving time for everyone involved.

Analyze with ease

Analyze with Ease

Tired of collecting data manually? With our built-in reporting tool, you can quickly and easily track budget, spend, relocation progress, and more — on-demand and in real-time.


Automate for Greater Savings


Streamline Expense Reimbursement

Managing expenses manually is a mind-numbing task. Let UrbanBound automate the entire process for you, from collecting and tracking receipts to issuing reimbursements and stipends.

Stop Overspending

Identify Cost Savings

Our detailed reports allow you to quickly and easily look up budget, spend, relocation progress, and more — on-demand and in real-time. Leverage the power of data to identify areas to improve efficiencies and cost reduction.


Automate Information Sharing


Standardize Company and Location Intel

What’s working in the new office like? How will I get around the city? Where should I live? Help relocating employees hit the ground running by sharing automated location information and company culture education.

Finally, Your Team Can Take a Breather

Let UrbanBound automate the details to help you save time and lighten your admin workload.

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