Don’t Leave First Impressions to Chance

Did you know a bad recruitment experience will cause more than 60% of candidates to reject a job offer?

Don’t be a statistic! Stand out with a great candidate experience by providing...

Faster Expense Reimbursement
Area & Location Insights
A Taste of Company Culture

Make Your Company (and Location) Irresistible


Promote Your Location’s Best Assets

Selling a candidate on a location you aren’t familiar with can be tricky, but by providing detailed city guides and location information from the beginning, you can ensure all their questions are answered.


Show Candidates Your Company's Culture

From co-worker insights to office-specific intel, help your candidate visualize what life is like as an employee of your company so you can attract the best fit for your company’s culture.


Wow Candidates with a Seamless Experience


Automated Touch-Free Process

Managing expenses manually is a mind-numbing task. Let UrbanBound automate the entire process for you, from collecting and tracking receipts to issuing reimbursements and stipends.


Accelerate Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursing candidates who aren’t on company payroll can be a headache. Our automated reimbursement solution can reduce the standard 2- to 3-week turnaround to just a few days* (*may vary by employee/submission).


Leverage Tech to Stand Out From the Competition

Using technology to enhance the candidate experience shows you’re innovative, care about your people, and are an employer they WANT to work for!


Start Candidates Off On the Right Foot

Your Secret Weapon for Recruiting Top Talent

Arm your candidates with the intel they need and convert candidates to employees — with the power of our platform!

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