How HR Professionals Can Drive Innovation at their Organization

Posted by Abby Baumann

HR Change AgentUrbanBound CEO, Michael Krasman, spoke on a panel at the Chicago SHRM chapter about what innovative HR means in the 21st century. Michael, along with other HR thought leaders on the panel, discussed the ways in which HR has changed over the years. HR, once thought to be a purely administrative function, is now considered essential for long-term business goals as it relates to hiring, employee productivity and retention. However, innovation requires change, which can be tricky. After all, it’s much easier to resist change than to welcome it. However, the panel had a few great ideas about how HR professionals can drive innovation and be a change agent at their organizations.
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How to Tackle Objections to Organizational Change Head On

Posted by Lauren Decker

shutterstock_204774604-786975-edited.jpg“The only thing constant in life is change.”

This phrase often rings true in both our personal lives and business. In business, change is often driven by factors like emerging trends, new market needs or changes in supply. Change is often met with resistance, but the reality is that change is necessary and often leads to positive outcomes. Recognizing change is the easy step, the difficult part is usually convincing others to accept that change.

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Top 3 Indicators of a Quality Moving and Shipping Partner

Posted by Stephanie Rosenlund

choosing a moving partner

This is a guest blog post from one of our partners, TSI, a leading provider of shipping and moving services. 

Whether your company is helping a new hire move or transferring an employee from one office to another, relocating your employees can be a big investment. Not to mention, it’s also a significant investment for your employees; after all, they’re moving their life to a new city in service of your company!

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