Your Relocation Program Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Traditional relocation companies offer lump-sum policies that add markups and fees to every benefit. The result? Much higher costs than necessary.

UrbanBound doesn’t do this. Our flexible policy options...

Reduce exception requests
Define budget caps
Provide detailed spend insights
So you can plan and spend more cost-effectively.

Maximize Your Budget


Leverage Trusted Suppliers

Save time and money by partnering with vetted local suppliers. Provide choice & flexibility with multiple options. Compare costs at a glance with competitive bids and provide relocating employees and interns with the best support on the ground.


Optimize Housing Benefits

Finding and securing great housing options for employees and interns is extremely time and labor intensive. Our vetted network provides flexible, safe and affordable housing options with minimal effort.


Automate for Greater Savings


Streamline Expense Reimbursement

Managing expenses manually is a mind-numbing task. Let UrbanBound automate the entire process for you, from collecting and tracking receipts to issuing reimbursements and stipends.

Stop Overspending

Identify Cost Savings

Our detailed reports allow you to quickly and easily look up budget, spend, relocation progress, and more — on-demand and in real-time. Leverage the power of data to identify areas to improve efficiencies and cost reduction.


Revolutionize Relocation with Technology

Our tech-first approach to relocation minimizes manual processes, saves time, and makes our solution highly cost-effective.

Reduce Relocation Costs… Effortlessly!

The constant pressure to reduce costs and be more efficient is real. Upgrading and automating your relocation makes saving easy. We’ll show you how.

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