Many organizations have limited access to resources and support, causing employees to face countless challenges when relocating for a job. We can help!


If your organization is giving out Lump Sum dollars with no support, your employee's relocation experience is lacking.


Limited or No Support

With limited to no support your employees are left on their own to vet suppliers making their moves high-risk, prone to issues, and full of time-consuming challenges.


Burdened with Upfront Expenses

Many employees have to front 100% of the move expenses, often waiting weeks or months for reimbursement with no process or technology in place to track their funds.

No Access To Trusted Suppliers

Even with a large number of annual moves, employers don’t reap the benefits of or have access to group buying power, vetted suppliers, and volume discounts.

Provide employees with the support they need without increasing your budget with UB Marketplace!


Stretch the Lump Sum Dollars

With UB Marketplace, your employees will have access to a fully digital end-to-end relocation experience, connecting them with world-class discounted suppliers and resources allowing their money to go further. Employees can save up to $8,000 with deep discounts at a variety of suppliers.

Superior Real Estate Support

With UB Home, your employees can partner with vetted, experienced, and local real estate professionals; most are relocation certified and in the top 10% of realtors. Your employees also get a free home warranty (valued at $700) and mortgage discounts up to $3000.


Access To Critical Resources

Your employees are provided guides to aid them in their relocation process, crucial organizational information as well as insights on the area they are moving to with hyperlocal content including intelligence on schools, the housing market, and area demographics.

Isn't it time that you provide help and support to your relocating employees?

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