Elevate Candidate Experience

Candidate recruitment is challenging, especially when your top talent will have to relocate. You need to sell them on the job AND the location. But how?

By providing...

Location insights
Faster reimbursement
Competitive advantage
That’s where UrbanBound comes in - we’ll have your candidates saying yes in no time!

Accelerate Candidate Conversion


Keep Candidates In the Loop

Give candidates a better experience with 24/7 access to a customized portal with important dates and documents that keeps them informed every step of the way.


Promote Your Location’s Best Assets

Arm candidates with easy-to-use, hyperlocal information like city & neighborhood guides to get them excited to accept your offer.


Introduce Your Company Culture

Highlight the best aspects of your company, from co-worker insights to office-specific intel, from your employees’ point of view to attract top talent that fits. 

Reboot Your Day-to-Day

Offload time-consuming tasks

Save Admin Time

Reduce your admin burden and streamline time-consuming processes to attract and win top candidates in less time by automating manual tasks and easily organizing and sharing information.


Streamline Expense Reimbursement

Leverage the power of automation to reimburse candidate expenses faster and ensure a painless experience for everyone — no need to set up payroll when you can easily reimburse candidates within days!


Standardize Information Sharing

Automate candidate education with company resources to help them make informed decisions faster while you eliminate redundant processes and easily deploy office-specific intel.


Amplify Your Recruiting Strategy

Providing insight about the company and location before a candidate is even hired helps set you apart as an employer of choice.

Use Your Relo Benefits as an Advantage

Your relocation program is a great marketing tool; don’t wait until the candidate is hired to use it! Highlight relo benefits as early as possible to attract and win top talent.

Create Winning Candidate Experiences

Increase candidate acceptance rates while
reducing admin burden.

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