Create a Winning Candidate Experience

 Turn the right candidates into future employees—faster.

Attracting top talent is more than just selling the job - it's selling your company AND your city. Candidate by UrbanBound enables you to attract leading job candidates by promoting the best aspects of your company, location, and culture. We also help you WOW candidates with a simple and fast reimbursement option for candidate-related expenses so you can stand out against the recruiting competition.

Educate and excite candidates about their potential new opportunity.

With access to locally sourced neighborhood guides, recommendations from co-workers, and important company information, your candidates can learn about the ins and outs of their future city and company. From how to get to work, to popular restaurants and health clubs, job candidates have everything they need to make the right decision about relocating for your company.


Connect job candidates with on-the-ground city resources.

Connect your top candidates with local experts who share insights on living and working in the city with UrbanBound’s candidate relocation assistance software. During the candidate's interview process, these experts can advise on cost of living, neighborhoods, schools and more. When traveling for their onsite interview, a candidate can receive a personalized tour of the city. Once they accept the job, they can use this same service to settle in to their new destination!

Streamline the candidate reimbursement process for a great first impression.

Managing candidate travel expenses is a time consuming effort for both your candidates and your hiring team. UrbanBound makes it easy for candidates to submit expense reports on-the-go, in the same candidate assistance application they use to learn about their destination. And your team will love you because there's no excessive admin required, and no need to set up payroll for someone who isn't part of the team yet!

Provide job candidates with the support they need to make a smart decision about their potential relocation.

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