Co-Worker Relocation Insights

Unlock the power of data for your relocating employees with employee relocation insights. 

The #1 reason relocations fail is because employees and their families struggle to acclimate to their new city. UrbanBound’s Co-Worker Insights educates relocating employees about their city through the experience and advice of their soon-to-be colleagues. .

Information you can't find anywhere else. 

There are often questions your relocating employees have about moving to a new city that can’t be easily sourced. UrbanBound’s relocation insights solution leverages the knowledge from your current employees and curates that information into a digestible, online report.

Provide answers to the questions that matter the most to your employees.

UrbanBound collects the answers to commonly asked relocation questions, as well as tailors each survey to ask the most important questions for your company and employeesproviding a truly customized experience.

Information is always up-to-date. 

After each relocating employee completes their move, an automated survey is sent out to gather information about their experience and recommendations about the city. The constant loop of information keeps your company’s data fresh.

Help your relocating employees make smarter decisions with our Co-Worker Insights solution. 

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