Make Relocation Your Secret Weapon!

Relocation benefits can be just as powerful as medical benefits or PTO. It’s time to start promoting them so you can stand out and attract top talent!

Make your relocation program the best recruiting tool to…

Scale for high-growth
Rise above the crowd
Widen your recruiting net
UrbanBound can make it happen!

Become a Talent Magnet


Let Your Culture Shine

A great company culture is a high priority for job candidates. Share your culture with coworker insights that showcase your personality and help you stand out from the competition.


Highlight Your Brand

Help candidates get to know you by providing company branded content, important documents, and even office insights.


Showcase Your Location

Reduce stress for employees and candidates with helpful city guides and location info that reduces uncertainty and gets them excited to move.

Create a Stand-Out Experience


Show Talent You Care

Most employers only offer a lump sum for relocating, leaving employees to figure everything out on their own with no support. With UrbanBound, you can provide personalized housing assistance and a guided process to show you’re a company that really cares about its people.


Reimburse at Lightning Speed

Automate your entire reimbursement process to reduce the standard 2- to 3-week turnaround to just a few days. A streamlined, fast process is bound to make a great impression!


Disrupt the Status Quo

Today’s workforce wants to work with innovative, tech-forward employers. Using a tech-based recruiting and relocation solution automatically defines you as forward-thinking and unique.

Providing a modern employee and candidate experience shows you’re innovative, care about your people, and are an employer they WANT to work for!


Leave Your Competition in the Dust

Make your relocation program work for you and be the employer everyone wants to work for. We help you scale for explosive growth and secure top talent.

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