4 Things You Need to Know About Relocating Interns

Relocating interns isn't quite the same as relocating a long-term employee or new hire. Whether you're running an intern program of 50 or 500, there's a lot involved with keeping everyone informed and on-schedule, answering all their questions, and ensuring you've got housing and intern stipends squared away. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when you're relocating interns:

1. They move TWICE

Unlike most relocating employees, relocating interns have to move TO the job, and then back home. This means double the travel and moving expenses, and double the organization. Working with relocation partners who support this often tight timetable is crucial to your intern program's success. Providing suppliers who will help your interns book affordable transportation well in advance means both you and your interns can breathe a lot easier.

2. They Need a Lot of Support

By definition, interns are usually still in school - or fresh out of it. This means they may not have the life experience of a more seasoned employee. They'll typically need more help figuring out how to move, dealing with housing contracts, tax implications, and more. The more resources you can provide to help them with this whole process, the better for everyone.

3. Costs are Higher Than For a Permanent Move

This is because there's usually an upcharge for short-term leases, and intern housing is typically furnished. This either means paying more for a furnished space, or paying for furniture rental. And don't forget about the basics like dishes, towels, etc. On the flip side interns usually don't want to ship much, if any, personal belongings which helps keep your total intern relocation costs down.

4. The social aspect of the city and living arrangements is extremely important

This is often a first, or at best second, move experience for most interns. It can be intimidating moving to a new city, so any resources you can provide - such as neighborhood intel, coworker (or better yet intern) insights, and insider tips will help them feel at ease. Providing a roommate matching service is also highly recommended for interns because not only does it ease the financial burden, it provides a built-in social network for them to join.

Although relocating interns can be a time-intensive project, there are plenty of tools and resources available to help. As long as you keep these 4 things in mind, you'll be at the head of the class ;)

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