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I’m a relocating employee and have access to UrbanBound.

I’m an employer and manage my company’s relocation program.


Don't Have a Login?

No problem! Here’s what you need to know:

How do I get access to UrbanBound?

You can only get access to UrbanBound through a link directly from your employer. Reach out to your employer for your unique username and password.

I haven’t received an email from my employer, but I know I have an UrbanBound account. What should I do?

Your employer is probably in the process of setting up your account and benefits.

When your account is set up, you’ll receive an email invite with your username and password. Use them to access your account through the UrbanBound app.

If you think you missed your email invite, simply ask your employer to resend it.

I don't want to login. I just want to know what my relocation benefits are. Can I do that?

The only way to access this info is by logging in to your personal UrbanBound account using the username and password provided by your employer. Once you’re logged in, you can use the UrbanBound app to view your relocation benefits.

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