Technology That Delivers

Each step of the relocation process is available to help book vetted, top suppliers, track spending, and keep the move on schedule. Insightful content and demographics help your team learn about your health system, the location they will be working at, and the city they are moving to.

Real Support from Real People

With access to on-site visits, destination services, best-in-class real estate & mortgage support, and a dedicated Relocation Consultant, UrbanBound guides them through each stage of the move and reduces their stress so that they arrive patient-ready on day one.

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Real Estate & Mortgage Assistance

Experience UrbanBound’s comprehensive, nationwide real estate program designed to help your employees buy or sell their homes. This program provides exclusive access to a best-in-class network of real estate professionals, as well as license credits refunded back to you when your relocating staff use this program.

Improve Retention Through Better Decision Making

Each location for your organization can have its own custom page in the UrbanBound Platform providing valuable information to the employees relocating to that location. Enjoy neighborhood guides complete with hyperlocal content including information on schools, the housing market, and area demographics. Choosing the right place up front means a lesser chance of wanting to leave.

“Since implementing UrbanBound 7 years ago, we’ve seen a large cost savings in our relocations. Cost-savings is the #1 most important thing we can do - every dollar we save goes to helping a child beat cancer.”
“Working with UrbanBound has been wonderful. Appreciate the speedy responses to our questions and assisting our providers.”
“It is seamless and the program is running very well. UB cares deeply and is responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
“UrbanBound is a great partner and is extremely helpful.”

What's Typically Included in an UrbanBound Physician Relocation Package

 - Access to the UrbanBound Platform
 - A Dedicated Relocation Consultant
 - A Move Profile Assessment
 - Access to Top, Vetted Suppliers
 - Company & Location Pages
 - Insight from Co-Workers
 - Local City Content & Move Guides
 - Easy Expense Management
 - Spend Tracking
 - Opportunity for Custom Onboarding
 - Demographics to Help Choose Neighborhoods & Schools
 - Destination Services from Local Experts
 - Cultural Training & Language Sessions
 - Real Estate Support
 - Discounted Mortgage Programs
 - Free One Year Home Warranty
 - Supplier Discounts With Corporate Move Priority

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