The Challenge of Handling Relocation In-House

An HR department’s primary responsibilities are typically recruiting, onboarding, managing compensation and benefits, supporting on-the-job safety and submitting required reports, ensuring compliance with labor and employment laws, and training and development. However, employee relocation often times gets pushed on these teams.

While HR professionals may have some idea about moving companies or real estate agents in a specific area, they often times do not have the time to give the best advice about suppliers, school districts, or neighborhoods in a city. Nor would they have established relationships with vendors that could make a substantial difference in the bottom line costs of a move.

Why Partner with an Employee Relocation Software Company

The most immediate benefit of partnering with a relocation company is how quickly it distinguishes your job offer from others. Your job posting instantly becomes more competitive and is opened up to a global pool of candidates. Other improvements you can expect to see right away:

  • Access to high-quality suppliers, relocation consultants, and service
  • Decreased workload for internal teams
  • Drive down costs, with savings realized as soon as the first move

Investing resources into your employee relocation program should result in more than a few quick fixes. It allows your HR and talent focused teams to feel armed and ready with a scalable relocation program that attracts, retains, and develops talent. And when you partner with the right vendor, you’ll have better data—so you can directly compare how much is spent on relocation against budget and/or employee benchmarks.

The long-term effects of a data-informed, scalable relocation program can mean:

  • Access to high-quality suppliers, relocation consultants, and service
  • Decreased workload for internal teams
  • Drive down costs, with savings realized as soon as the first move
  • More stakeholder buy-in
  • Faster onboarding
  • Ability to recruit from a deeper pool of talent
  • Provide internal employees a chance to work in new, exciting locations
  • Create incentives for employees looking for a new challenge while keeping them within your organization

UrbanBound’s Employee Relocation Services  Relocation Management Software

UrbanBound's San Francisco relocation services can help with every step of the move, and we do it by offering a two-pronged approach:

  • UrbanBound’s Relocation Management Software
  • A dedicated team to serve both your HR department and your relocating employees

UrbanBound: Relocation Management Software

Pioneers in relocation management technology, we developed the first software to revolutionize the way people relocate. Our goal was to address the pain points of managing and tracking all aspects associated with moving, on both the employee and employer sides.

Today, our software encompasses virtually everything your employees would need help with and would want to know, including:

  • Access to best-in-class suppliers and services for selling their home, packing and shipping, finding the right schools, selecting the type of neighborhood they want to live in and much more.
  • Educational content and online resources, such as budgeting tools, city neighborhood guides, and tips on traveling with a pet.

For the HR department, it offers an online reporting suite that lets you track not just your relocating employees’ progress but:

  • How well your relocation policies are performing
  • Budget trends
  • Other benchmarks in your relocation program

With this type of ongoing visibility, you are more easily able to manage and improve your relocation program, as well as catch any slows or issues with an individual employee.

Your Employee’s Designated Relocation Consultant

As we all know, there are times when a live conversation is necessary. A designated relocation consultant can work with your new hire or transferring employee to answer questions, escalate any issues, address any concerns and help your employees feel secure in the decisions they are making about their relocation.

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