Before partnering with UrbanBound, all relocations at DPR Construction were managed by the Human Resources team and administered by Regional Managers. With a decentralized structure and no relocation guidelines, the benefits offered to employees varied based on manager discretion and individual needs.

This approach left the Human Resources team with no way to track the number of relocations in progress, the benefits offered to each employee, or the relocation spend per employee. Both Regional Managers and the Human Resources team spent valuable time answering questions from relocating employees and providing support where possible. Relocating employees and their families were responsible for finding answers to any questions that couldn’t be answered by their DPR co-workers.

UrbanBound helped DPR build consistency and cost control with the creation of relocation guidelines. Four tiers were created to accommodate for different employee levels and all guidelines include direct bill benefits. The guidelines offer employees flexibility to choose their own relocation services, while enabling the Human Resources team to control costs. With an online administration portal, DPR can quickly and easily initiate all relocations from one place and view cost reports.

Before UrbanBound, relocating employees coordinated their move entirely on their own with little guidance. Now, relocating employees have access to their own online relocation portal, along with a designated Relocation Consultant, to help manage their move, claim their direct bill benefits, and learn about their destination. Questions are no longer sent to DPR Regional Managers or Human Resources team and employees are receiving the support they need to execute a successful relocation.

"Before UrbanBound, we had no way to track the cost of our relocations. Now we can quickly and easily access our relocation data online which gives us more visibility into our costs than we’ve ever had before."

As a result of working with UrbanBound, DPR has realized both time and cost savings. Centralizing and standardizing the administration of benefits has reduced the amount of back and forth between employees, Regional Managers, and the Human Resources team and helped contain relocation costs. Meanwhile, employees are benefitting from an improved relocation experience.

UrbanBound has received an average 4.9 (out of 5) satisfaction score from DPR employees.

"Before UrbanBound, DPR was managing all relocations on a case-by-case basis causing inconsistency and frustration for everyone involved. With UrbanBound, we've been able to streamline and centralize our (HR) relocation program - giving our (HR) team time back in their day and improving the experience our relocating employees receive!"

- Joslin Matteson / HR, DRP Construction

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