MicroStrategy partnered with UrbanBound to help scale their global mobility program. UrbanBound helped MicroStrategy restructure their relocation program to improve the employee relocation experience, reduce administrative burdens for the Global Mobility and Immigration team, and increase cost tracking efficiency.

With UrbanBound, MicroStrategy’s Global Mobility and Immigration team has access to online reporting to view and track all relocation expenses. The MicroStrategy team can quickly view and segment relocation expenses — providing more visibility into the cost of their relocation program than ever before.

“UrbanBound helped us solve our relocation challenges by becoming an extension of the MicroStrategy team. We’re able to do so much more work and provide a better experience to our employees, while really minimizing the hassle and administrative burden on our team.”

Now armed with the ability to efficiently initiate and track relocations, and comprehensive support from UrbanBound’s account team, Microstrategy’s Global Mobility and Immigration team has greatly reduced time spent administering relocations.

Relocating employees are also set up for a successful relocation with access to UrbanBound’s network of trusted suppliers, online tools to manage their relocation benefits, and the support of a designated Relocation Consultant throughout their move.

UrbanBound has received an average 4.7 (out of 5) satisfaction score from MicroStrategy employees.

“Since UrbanBound, we've actually been able to measure our relocation program. Before, it was hard to have any good numbers and metrics around how much money was being spent and on what type of expenses. With UrbanBound, we can break down exactly how much people are spending on relocation packages and how much is being spent on the flight vs. the corporate housing vs. any other part of the relocation process. 

- Jen Hinschlager / Global Mobility and Immigration Manager, Microstrategy

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