Employee education, content, and onboarding resources

Help employees hit the ground running on day one.

UrbanBound’s relocation software provides the education your employees need with our online library of locally-sourced city content, moving education and company office pages.

Hyper-local city content

Help employees adjust to their new city

UrbanBound’s library of locally-sourced city content provides employees a one-of-a-kind resource to learn about their new city. With advice and recommendations from locals, our software provides everything your employees need to get acclimatedfrom weather information to transit tips to neighborhood guides and more.

Moving education

Help employees navigate the complexities of relocation with our library of employee moving education

UrbanBound provides your employees with moving resources, best practices, and educational content to help them maximize their relocation benefits while managing the stress of moving. The goal is to make them feel like a pro—even if it's their first time moving.

Examples of employee moving education include:

  • Moving with a Pet
  • The Ultimate DIY Move Guide
  • Tips for Driving a Rental Truck
  • Spousal Support Guide
  • Individual Moves vs. Corporate Moves

Office pages and employee onboarding resources

Help employees get off to a running start by equipping them with the company-specific information they need to know before they start their first day. Upload company-branded content, documents, and office information. This ensures a consistent message to your relocating employees while reducing the workload for your back-office team.

Access to company documents

Provide employees with access to company resources and onboarding documents they need to review before their start day.

Frequently asked questions

Ensure relocating employees feel comfortable and confident when they arrive on day one by providing answers to their most frequently asked questions.


Make sure your employees stay on task with a customized checklist of items that must be completed before they start their new job. 

Provide relocating employees with the resources they need.

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