Get a complete picture of relocation data with configurable relocation reports.

Track and analyze relocation spend with UrbanBound’s configurable, online reporting. Create, customize, and export reports that include relocation data ranging from expenses incurred to pending transactions to employee move progress. UrbanBound’s employee relocation program reporting makes it easy to access, analyze, and act on data to improve your relocation program over time.

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Easily measure program cost and performance. 

UrbanBound’s employee relocation reporting software comes with out-of-the-box, standard reports, so you can quickly and easily gain visibility into all aspects of relocation. Standard reports include expense reports, spending summaries, payment status, and more.

custome relocation reporting

Create custom employee relocation reports that meet your business needs.

Build reports specific around what’s most important to your organization. UrbanBound makes it easy to drag, drop, and rearrange columns to fully customize the data you want to see. Simply save reports to access whenever needed.

schedule relocation reports

Schedule relocation program reports directly to your inbox. 

Need to access a report routinely? You can have important reports emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Include other important stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop on program performance.

Find out how UrbanBound's relocation reporting software can improve your program.

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