Direct Bill

Save time and money while simultaneously creating a better relocation experience by taking advantage of Direct Bill

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Increase Visibility into Your Relocation Spend 

Take advantage of Direct Bill benefits through UrbanBound to increase visibility into relocation spend and create a proven process that’s structured to work for your relocating employees. UrbanBound enables you to control costs by only paying for the relocation services your employees use. For your employees, direct bill mitigates out-of-pocket expenses and ensures higher quality by connecting them to a best in class network of vetted service providers.


What makes UrbanBound different?

Streamlined Invoicing

UrbanBound facilitates the payment to relocation service suppliers on behalf of your employees, creating a streamlined process that’s easy for your team to manage 

Trusted Supplier Network

Take advantage of UrbanBound’s vast and trusted supplier network, accompanied with group buying power, to connect your transferees with the best in the business

Online Access to Reports  

Quickly and easily view the supplier invoice amount, description of service, and invoice date spent on each direct bill transaction using UrbanBound Reporting 


Leverage Our Trusted Supplier Network 

Not only does Direct Bill create cost efficiencies within your relocation program, it results in a better employee experience. With access to UrbanBound’s trusted supplier network, employees have numerous relocation suppliers to choose from, varying in price and specialty, to ensure your employees receive the right services for them. UrbanBound’s trained Relocation Consultants will assist your employees in evaluating the best supplier to match their needs and will help them manage their spend against the given allowance. 

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"UrbanBound's approach with direct bill saved us thousands of dollars per relocation and made the process easier both internally and externally."



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