Hyperlocal Content

Help transferees settle in faster with destination-specific resources

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Vast resource library FOR employees TO learn about their new city

Sourced from local writers, UrbanBound’s hyperlocal content helps employees learn about their destination city with resources like neighborhood guides and tips that natives of the city find helpful. Additionally, employees have access to general relocation education, such as a move-in/move-out checklist, packing guides, and more.


What makes UrbanBound different?


Leaning on years of experience in the relocation industry, UrbanBound has created a number of resources to help educate employees about their destination and the moving process

NEW & RefreshED Content

Our library of resources is constantly being updated and growing to incorporate a wider breadth of cities every week

Easy to Digest 

We incorporate different forms of content—from infographics all the way to videos—to ensure transferees absorb content the way they prefer


City-Specific Information Only the Locals Know

UrbanBound is constantly working with writers all over the country to curate the best and most accurate information possible for your relocating employees. We work to find the best spots, like restaurants, gyms, nightlife, neighborhoods, and so on, in your employee’s new city so they can assimilate quickly and feel like a local as soon as possible.

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"The hyperlocal content with UrbanBound's portal is unparalleled to anything you can find on the internet—it arms our transferees with everything they need to know about their new city!"



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