Onboarding Resources

A centralized online location for your employees to reference throughout their relocation

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Sharing company resources is easier than ever before

UrbanBound’s Office Pages give your employees access to company-specific content within their account, sourced from each of your office locations. Available for each office you are relocating employees to, each page can be customized with office-specific information that you you want your employee to access—anything from FAQs like what to wear on the first day of work to important documents they need to sign before their first day. 


What makes UrbanBound different?

Centralized Location for Storing Documents

Office Pages help keep employees organized throughout their relocation, along with saving you time by creating a centralized place to house all onboarding-related documents  

Employees Are Prepared before day one

Help your employees get off to a running start by equipping them with all the information they need to know before they start their new position in your office

Set the Tone for Company Culture Early ON

Each Office Page is completely configurable to your company and specific office location—from company description, FAQs, and tasks to be completed before the first day—you are in complete control


Create Time Savings for Your Team

Employers who simultaneously administer relocation and onboarding often end up with a decentralized process that unintentionally combines the two, making it easy for things to fall between the cracks. Office Pages will centralize the distribution of both relocation and onboarding information, ensuring important documents get into the hands of your relocating employees at the right time. 

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"Office Pages greatly reduced the time I spend answering questions for transferees. It gives me a centralized location to house the onboarding documents that otherwise were scattered in a variety of places."



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