Do you Pre-board Candidates? Try this Next Time.

Pre-boarding, the stage before the candidate accepts the position, is a crucial time in the candidate experience; this time can make or break your chances of the candidate saying yes. So wow them and show them what they’ll be missing out on if they turn down the job!

Picture this: you’ve extended an offer to a new candidate and you’re eagerly awaiting their response. What now? Do you anticipate their response by simply waiting for a reply? We have a better idea. Send them a Pre-boarding Welcome Box! 

A curated Welcome Box, strategically constructed to convey your corporate culture and brand just might seal the deal.  All of this, and more, can be included and conveyed in their welcome box. Not sure what to include in your pre-boarding process? We’ve got you covered!


Here’s our top 5 musts to include: 


1. Handwritten Letter

What better way to say, “We want you to join our team!” than actually telling them! Have someone who’ll be working directly with the candidate write a letter addressing them by name and expressing their eagerness to meet and work alongside them. This personalization is one of those “wow moments” that’ll make you stand out from other companies. 




2. Welcome Video

Another way to personalize their experience is having someone from your team -or even the CEO, send a welcome video to the candidate. This is also a great alternative if your company is virtual. 

During the interview process, if you’ve discovered something personal about the individual, use it. For example, if your candidate has a celebrity they really like, you could purchase a Cameo with a personalized message from the celebrity, congratulating them on their job offer. 




3. Gift card

If your budget allows, include a gift card to a local coffee shop, local restaurant or Starbucks. Some restaurants and coffee shops, like Starbucks, even allow you to personalize gift cards with your company logo. In this digital age, virtual gift cards are great regardless if  your company is working from home or in the office.

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4. The Candidate Guide to "Your Company"

Similar to an Employee Handbook, a Company Candidate Guide lays out what makes your company unique by adding your mission statement and branding. This is a great way to get your candidate excited and answer questions they may not know they have about their potential new area. Make it thorough by including employee insights to the best neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, parks and entertainment in your city. If the candidate has yet to see the office, a map of the office and information about company culture will allow them to envision themselves as a part of your team. 




5. Company Swag

What better way to keep your company at the front of their mind than with a tangible piece of your company?

According to Promotional Products Association International, about 58% of consumers will keep promotional giveaways for 1 to 4 years. This could be anything from a t-shirt or jacket, to a sticker, flag, planner, notebook or all of the above! Anything and everything that shows the pride your team takes in your company and promotes your brand!



Sending a Pre-boarding Welcome Box with the right content is the perfect way to give candidates a taste of your company’s culture and brand, while also expressing how they’ll be an asset to your team. This helps to set you and your company apart from other offers and give you an advantage over your competitors. 

For more Pre-boarding tips and strategies, check out our on-demand webinar: An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Top Strategies to Boost Candidate Acceptance Conversion. 


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