4 Tools for Making Talent Recruitment Easier

Recruiting top talent has become an art form. Various types of recruitment software have been developed to simplify the process. These automated digital platforms provide a multitude of functions that can significantly streamline identifying, contacting, and hiring top talent. It makes sense to take advantage of digital talent acquisition tools – as a large segment of the workforce are millennials, who expect that companies use cutting-edge technology. Four effective tools for making talent recruitment easier for your company include the use of the following types of recruiting software:

Testing & Assessment

A range of testing and assessment programs to streamline pre-hiring assessments are available, each offering different features and capacities for testing knowledge, skills, abilities and qualifications. Many companies are taking the step of implementing a testing and assessment program for the pre-hiring phase to identify the most qualified applicants from a group. The systems available can provide targeted testing for skills such as coding, or more generalized testing, with advances such as bias-free algorithms to help select from a crowd of applicants. From simple testing to advanced testing that promises to collect behavioral data through exercises, a great deal can be discovered about an applicant, helpful in predicting future performance.


Job Aggregators

Job aggregating platforms provide access to an extensive pool of potential employees, both locally and in other areas. These aggregators offer a range of features and filters and are proving to be one of the most effective methods to connect with the top talent. Modern job-seekers consistently access these platforms to discover potential employment opportunities. Each program varies in the features they offer, and many choose to list their qualifications on several job aggregating platforms when seeking the perfect job, and generally, these platforms are the best way to find the team members you need.


Video Interviewing

Times have changed, and a potential hire has no need to arrive in person to meet with HR for an interview – and potentially waste precious time. Digital interviewing is fast becoming the standard, particularly effective for interviewing potential talent that does not live locally. The features provided by these platforms vary, with some offering features such as mobile capability, or add-ons such as payroll and performance management features. Meeting face-to-face is easier than ever with video interviews rather than in-person.

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Relocation Management Software

Top talent may not be available locally, and often lives in another city or state. A surprising number of people are excited by the concept of relocating for a better job opportunity, but the moving process poses a host of challenges. They are not familiar with the new city or area and need guidance. Relocation management software from UrbanBound, the first program of this kind, was developed to streamline a new employee’s relocation experience – and make it easier on you, too.

Every detail of the relocation process is addressed from start to finish, providing the new employee critical information about housing, schools, cost of living, neighborhoods, and connecting him or her with trusted, vetted vendors and support. The employee simply logs on to be guided through every step of a relocation. This support sets the stage for a positive, productive experience for your new employee.

Using Technology to Hire the Talent You Want.

It just makes sense to use the tools out there to streamline your hiring process. Rather than wading through piles of paper applications, or being snowed by an employee who looked good on paper but proved to be unproductive or troublesome, why not take advantage of these technological tools? Your hiring process can be streamlined, the load on HR can be reduced, so they can focus on tasks such as training to increase production and engagement.

While we would all like to believe we are great judges of character, when hiring a new employee, you face a slew of challenges. The use of these talent acquisition tools can not only smooth the process, free up HR time, but it is possible that algorithms may, in the end, prove to better judges in the end.

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