The Five Groups You NEED in Your Relocation Task Force

Evaluating your relocation policy and mobility partner can be a stressful task. There is so much to consider when determining your company’s needs to successfully relocate top talent. However, this task shouldn’t just be on your shoulders; it needs to be a team effort. Having the correct people in your relocation task force can make or break relocation experiences. 

So, who should be included? Good question! Here are the five groups of people you NEED to include in selecting the right relocation partner to handle your company’s mobility needs.


HR, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Human resources teams cultivate and implement the candidate and employee experiences. They're responsible for enticing talent with forward-thinking solutions, including new technologies, with the goal of attracting and retaining exceptional employees.

Simply put, these people are responsible for finding candidates and keeping employees happy while ensuring they have the best possible experience leading up to their start date. 


Intern Program Managers/Campus Hiring Managers

Campus and Intern Program 

Managers have a direct pulse on rising talent and evolving employee experience expectations. Teams involved with recruiting and managing internships actively assist the company prepare for tomorrow.


Heads of Departments

With insight on budgetary and talent resource needs, buy-in from department heads and leaders is crucial. Focused internal conversations on these topics, along with help from any research and development teams, will best position your talent relocation strategy to key department stakeholders.

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Finance, Payroll, Accounts Payable

This team benefits the most from a transparent, tech-focused relocation process. Since they're actively paying the bills (and the employees), they'll need to understand how a new relocation partner will affect their internal payment processes and budget.


Your Relocating Employees and Recent Transferees

This group, past relocating employees and transferees, is often forgotten but is the most important stakeholder in your relocation strategy. 

When deciding who should be involved in revamping your relocation program, think about your relocating employees first. Start a conversation about what benefits were most important to them and what their main concerns were regarding relocation. Recently relocated employees are also a great source of insight into what’s good or bad about your current mobility partner. Directly involve them at the vendor evaluation stage (ie. demos, presentations) and survey them afterward. Putting the employee at the center of your decisions will make for great relocation experiences to come.


All of these people make up a successful relocation task force. 

Think of it as a puzzle: If one group of people are missing from your relocation task force, then it’s not complete. 

For more information on finding the right relocation partner for your company, check out our Ultimate Guide to Evaluating Relocation Partners 2.0.


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