Healthcare Recruiting: 5 Ways to Provide the Best Relocation Experience

When it comes to healthcare recruiting, providing a great relocation experience is vital. Relocation is the first job-related function your healthcare employee will engage in as a member of your organization. You’ll want to make sure this process goes smoothly. 

Traditional relocation programs don’t always provide the best options. Here’s 5 ways to ensure your healthcare worker has the best relocation experience possible.

Offer Premium Technology

You don’t want a relocation company that doesn’t provide the tech your employees are used to - that reflects poorly on your organization. They need a system to track their next steps clearly, so they can have confidence that they’re organized. 

Do this with tech that guides relocating employees through an all-inclusive website dashboard - complete with vetted suppliers, area demographic information and policy benefits at their fingertips. 

Provide Quick Reimbursement

Healthcare workers need their money back as quickly as possible. Some relocation companies and employers can take well over a month to reimburse - that’s a huge financial burden to put on someone between jobs. 

Look for a relocation company that can reimburse in 4-7 days. Providing quick reimbursement shows you’re organized, but most of all, it shows you value your employees.

Give Important Information

With how hard it is to retain healthcare workers these days, it’s not enough to give them a lump sum and let them figure it out. They need to know where to live, best places to eat, and what their social offerings will look like. 

Provide them with a relocation company that can give them these answers. Small touches like these make a big impact on candidate experience

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          • Have a Plan

          Moving is super stressful - don’t put the burden of planning on your candidate. Having a plan can be the difference between a happy healthcare worker on their first day, and a bitter, frustrated employee that’s already surfing the web for a new position. 

          Choose a relocation company that lays out the moving scenario so you - and your employee - can see every step and eliminate confusion.

          • Show Compassion

          Moving is one of the top 5 most stressful life events. Showing compassion and listening makes the employee feel valued before they start their first day. You want to make sure your healthcare workers know you’re there for them and the company has their back throughout their relocation. 

          For more in depth info on this topic check out Beyond the Patient: Aligning Employee Experience.

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