Healthcare Recruiting: Providing a Great Candidate Experience

Finding healthcare workers is hard these days! Did you know that 70% of candidates accept an offer based on candidate experience, and in healthcare that number is 10-12% higher? If you aren't empathetic to their needs as a candidate, how can they expect you to support them in providing empathetic patient care? 

Here are 6 ways to show empathy and optimism in the hiring process.

Start off right with a great Orientation Process

When looking for new healthcare candidates, orienting them to the structure of the hiring process helps candidates feel secure. 

Laying out the hiring process can ease anxiety and show that your healthcare organization is great at communication - when most aren’t. 

Having a lax hiring process with poor communication leaves candidates wondering if your healthcare organization is right for them. With fierce competition for healthcare workers, this is the last thing you need!  

Be Quick in Your Response

Candidates value timely responses. It shows them that you’re organized, respectful, and considerate - what employees (and patients) want from their healthcare organization. 

A delayed response can be seen as rejection - and no one wants to work somewhere they feel rejected. Don’t leave your candidate in the dark.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Those involved in hiring healthcare employees should be empathetic and embody the culture of the organization, while providing a clear understanding of the environment the candidate will be working in. This makes them less likely to pursue other opportunities and more excited about the opportunity you’re offering.

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    • Provide Transparency 

    A little mystery can be fun, unless your livelihood depends on it. Be upfront and clear about your hiring process. Starting with the initial call, establish the hiring timeline and ensure your candidate’s understanding of the entire process. 

    Providing an excellent candidate experience from the beginning will help put you ahead of the competition.

    • Be Compassionate

    You’re the face of the company during the interview process. If you’re showing compassion for the candidate, it reflects well on the organization. Who doesn’t want to work at a company that’s known for its compassion? 

    Ask the candidate for feedback - it shows you care about their experience. A simple email asking a few questions about their candidate experience will give you valuable feedback, and give them the impression that you really care.

    • Respect Their Time


  • Respect is like compassion, it mixes well with everything. Asking for an excessive amount of interviews is not a good use of either of your time. Stick with the standard 2-3 interviews. Being known for requiring an excessive number of interviews, coupled with the risk of rejection, may make potential candidates afraid to apply. 

    Want to know more? Dig deeper into aligning candidate experience with patient care.

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