Competitive Healthcare Recruiting Part 1: Differentiation

Feeling the squeeze in healthcare recruiting? As demand for qualified physicians, administrators and medical professionals increases, so does the need to differentiate your organization from the rest. Advancements in digital processes are making a BIG impact in the way Candidates interact with and view your organization.

We sat down with industry leaders from The Mayo Clinic, University of Vermont Medical and Katon Direct to talk about healthcare recruiting strategies, and the impact of going digital. Their insightful tips were both innovative and inspiring. Here's what we learned - Part 1 of 4.

A special thank you to our awesome panelists:

Becky Kapsalis; Director of Talent Acquisition at UVM (University of Vermont Medical) Health Network

Rachel Rautenberg; Recruiting Coordinator at Mayo Clinic

Anthony Gentile; Partner at Katon Direct


4 ways to differentiate your organization in order to win top candidates


1. Location, Location, Location!

Whether you have a unique location that appeals to a certain lifestyle, or offer the opportunity to work in various locations, this a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract top-notch candidates. Providing specifics on your location can also help to seal the deal and increase candidate conversion rates.

2. Company Culture and Brand

Leverage your strengths! Are you a well-known healthcare organization with a great rep? Promote that. Do you have a strong company culture that encourages transparency and work-life balance? Focus on that. And don't forget to tout your organization’s  benefits and growth potential - it may just be what sets you apart. According to Katon Direct, a recruitment marketing and talent sourcing company that exclusively services the healthcare industry, your employer brand should be your primary way of differentiating. Candidates want to know, "what do I get in return for hard work and service as an employee with your organization?".  If you can answer that question in a way that aligns with your candidate's values, you'll win the recruiting game every time. Speaking of which...

3. Align With Candidate Aspirations

Do your research and understand what motivates your target candidates. If it's a specific type of lifestyle, focus more on that. If it's personal impact and growth, focus on your network and the opportunities they'll have to innovate and influence, especially when recruiting for leadership positions.

💡LEVEL UP: Collaborate! Facilitate discussion by letting the candidate interview you too!

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4. Big Fish in a Small Pond

Do what others aren't doing - for example, take advantage of broader recruiting channels, such as programmatic display and audience-based social. You'll automatically increase your visibility because odds are your competitors aren't doing it. You'll reach more potential targets, and your voice will be louder without dozens of other organizations fighting for the same attention.

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BONUS: How to compete with "COVID rates" that many agencies are offering these days

First and foremost, sell your culture - more specifically, your EVP (Employer Value Proposition)! It's a fact, healthcare professionals typically prefer to work directly with an employer rather than agency. Why? Because they can better align with the culture and brand of a specific organization, and actually see themselves happily working for your organization. There will always be times when you have to offer a generous sign-on bonus in order to compete, but selling your culture goes a long way. It might even land you a dream candidate without opening the corporate wallet further (aka a higher sign-on bonus) by connecting with your candidates values.


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Disappointed you missed out on this event? No worries, we recorded the full panel discussion - you can still get the recording of the full session!


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