Introducing Relocation Timeline!

UrbanBound’s relocation technology solution just got even more robust! Our team has been fast at work improving and innovating our modern employee relocation solution to increase efficiency, lessen stress for relocating employees and lower the workload for your HR department. 

We're excited to announce our newest product feature launch - the Relocation Timeline!

We know that moving can be stressful. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything your office - and your employee - has to do. UrbanBound is OBSESSED with employee experience and it shows with this improvement to our fully customizable employee relocation platform. We keep your employee’s move on track, lessening the burden of the unknowns and creating a more seamless approach to an at-times disjointed process. 

Working with UrbanBound's dedicated Relocation Consultants, our team and your relocating employee work together to map out the details of their move. Our Relocation Consultants provide actionable dates and tasks pertinent to the employee's move while our unique software platform provides access to their timeline 24-7. Your employees even have the ability to add action items to their personalized timeline and check off tasks as they are completed. Relocating employees can also manage services and suppliers while keeping a pulse on their entire move in one platform.

Not only does the Relocation Timeline reduce the burden for Mobility and HR professionals, it creates an exceptional relocation experience for the employee.

Check one more thing off of your to-do list. The time to see this in action is NOW! Schedule your personalized demo today.

Schedule your personalized demo today!

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