Job Relocation Services: An Employer’s Guide

Relocating existing employees or attracting new talent via a job relocation offer is a growing need for employers in all industries. Discover how UrbanBound can help your company with your relocation needs.

Why Job Relocation Services?

In the employee’s market today, relocation is on the rise as a means to get top talent in the locations where you need them. If your business could benefit from relocating key employees to another location, it may be time to start thinking about relocation packages. UrbanBound offers state-of-the-art relocation management technology to help HR track and manage relocation benefits online from a single central platform, while providing a seamless employee experience.

What Is Job Relocation?

Moving to another city and starting over out of one’s comfort zone can be difficult and stressful for employees and their families. In job relocation assistance programs, companies provide benefits to relocating employees to promote a smoother, faster, easier transition. Practical and financial assistance from the employer can provide incentive for employees to relocate. A well-designed relocation package can help minimize hidden costs to the company associated with an employee move.

How Does Job Relocation Assistance Work?

Relocation to a new city and work environment can be expensive and confusing for employees and their families. With job relocation assistance, employers can make the transition smoother and easier in several ways. Employers can help relocating employees find housing, provide allowances for temporary housing, pay for utility hook-up and other one-time expenses, offer a stipend for house hunting in a new location, and other benefits to make the move easier and less costly for the employee.

What Types of Employees are Offered Relocation Services?

Many corporations offer some type of new job relocation assistance for new hires, often for entry-level positions. In recent years, companies have expanded mobility policies to bring in new hires at levels in line with current employees. Currently, more organizations are offering existing employees, who have proven their worth to the company, higher levels of relocation assistance, including job relocation mortgage assistance and compensation for loss on the sale of a home.

What Is Typically Included in a Job Relocation Services?

Many companies today have relocation policies that allow for flexibility in a relocation package. Job relocation services from professionals can make sure that an existing employee or a new hire has a smooth relocation experience.

Traditionally, a job relocation services that may be covered under an employee’s relocation package may include:

  • Home finding and orientation trip: Employer assistance may include air fare, ground transportation, meals and accommodations for a trip to the new location to find a suitable home. Some employees may wish to travel to the new location to familiarize themselves with the area.
  • Home sale and purchase assistance: Higher-tier relocation packages may include any and all costs associated with selling a current home, purchasing a new home, or breaking a lease. This typically includes closing costs and real estate commissions.
  • Temporary housing: In an employee relocation assistance program, the employer usually covers the cost of a hotel or temporary furnished rental housing, including utilities, for a specified period of time.
  • Job search help for spouses and partners: For higher-level employees, the relocation package may include support for a spouse or partner. This may involve helping the relocating employee’s spouse or partner find a job or establish a business.
  • Transportation: Most companies reimburse travel expenses to a new location, including air or train fare, and gasoline if traveling by car.
  • Moving expenses: The cost of a moving van or cross-country moving services and related expenses may be included in a relocation package.
  • Packing and unpacking services: When the company is covering the logistics and full expense of a move, it may pay for movers to pack up the relocating employee’s household goods, transport them to the new location, and unload and unpack the boxes in the new home.

What Do Typical Job Relocation Programs Include?

Benefits included in a job relocation package can vary widely, depending on the company and circumstances. Although relocation costs are one-time expenses, they can significantly impact the company’s bottom line. It is important to negotiate a relocation package that provides financial and administrative assistance to the relocating employee without exceeding the company budget. Many companies are now offering lump sum relocation packages to give employees a financial incentive and to ensure relocation costs stay within a set maximum amount.

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How to Create a Job Relocation Assistance Package

The number of companies offering job relocation assistance is on the rise. Employee relocation can be an expensive proposition for both the company and the employee. The goal in creating a job relocation assistance package is to:
Smoothly and efficiently relocate employee and family in a way that keeps the employee happy and free to focus on the job - 
 - Protect and preserve company image
 - Avoid going overbudget to protect the company’s bottom line

This goal can be accomplished in several different ways, including:
 - Lump sum: A pre-negotiated, fixed, one-time payment may be offered to the employee for relocation expenses.
 - Reimbursement: Employees save and submit their receipts for company reimbursement of relocation expenses, up to a maximum amount.
 - Direct billing: The company may pay for all or some moving expenses directly, particularly when moving services are coordinated by the employer. This method may be combined with lump sum or reimbursement.
 - Third-party relocation: The employer outsources employee relocation to a third-party relocation services broker that manages and coordinates all necessary services.

How to Create a Job Relocation Offer Letter

Relocation offer letters are sent to employees who have already engaged in face-to-face discussions with their employers about a job opportunity that involves relocating in another city. In creating a job relocation offer letter, start with a recap of your previous conversation, create enthusiasm for the new position (including salary increase and professional opportunities), provide a summary of the new position, and address key concerns regarding the relocation.

Employees will need data about how a relocation will impact their daily lives and the lives of their spouses, partners, and families. Key concerns to address in a job offer with relocation assistance letter include:

 - Home finding assistance: Provide information about help the employee can expect to receive from the company regarding access to real estate agencies, house hunting services, temporary living provisions, and other orientation assistance.
 - Home marketing assistance: Relocating employees who currently own their homes will want to know about assistance the company will provide in putting a home up for sale or rent.
 - Relocation expenses: Inform the employee about how much of the relocation bill he or she will have to shoulder alone. Describe the expenses the company will pay for directly, costs that will be reimbursed, and expenses for which the employee will be responsible.
 - Moving household goods: This concern should be addressed in detail by telling employees how much the company will pay to move their belongings to a new location, including any restrictions or limitations to the policy.

Finding a Partner: About Job Relocation Companies & their Services 

As an employer, there’s a lot on the line when it comes to retaining or attracting talent. When asking employees to relocate for your company, ensuring it’s the best possible experience for them is key. Working with job relocation companies means that your employees and new hires will have dedicated support who has extensive experience in planning and moving employees. It also tends to make employees more at ease as opposed to working directly with a company employee or supervisor.

Finding the right partner is key. At UrbanBound, we created our relocation platform to help employers provide employees with a better, smoother and consistent relocation process for happier employees.

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