Working from Home with UrbanBound

As we settle into our new remote work environments, everyone here at UrbanBound has been adapting to new routines and finding ways to stay connected. Here's a sneak peek into how UrbanBound has been adapting:


We give each other tips on how to set up our remote workspaces (and brag about our home office views)



We've come up with some new and innovative workout routines


We've taken up some new hobbies (shout out to Deb, our resident plant and sourdough bread expert!)

Image from iOS (3) copy 3Image from iOS (6)

IMG_2047Image from iOS (3) copy 2


We’ve spent a lot of time with our furry new co-workers

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We’ve been sharing food pictures in our #ub-foodies channel (because camera eats first!)

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Last but not least, we end the week with trivia during virtual happy hour!

imageScreen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.01.05 PM


Even though we at UrbanBound are able to work from home, we know that not everyone can. We want to give our sincerest thanks to all essential workers who keep things running and frontline healthcare professionals who keep us safe!

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